4 Guidelines for Better Playing of Guns of Glory

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When you are reading this article, then you must be a serious player in Guns of Glory. You are trying to get your upgrades faster so that you can level up more quickly too.

But the process is not that easy unless you know the right tricks. Rather, these are not the tricks, but some expert advice that will help you to build the empire fast and protect the kingdom from the external attacks. There are many ways in which you can achieve glory.

But here are our expert advice which will help you. These are all tried and tested tips that usually never fail.

  1. Upgrade the ship

If you ask me, upgrading the ship will be the first essential activity that you have to perform. There is a bonus which you will get only after the upgrade.

The best part is that the reward might even contain gold. The upgraded ship will be like your hero.

  • Unlock thousands of gifts from the upgrade using guns of glory gift code.
  • Check the ship regularly and et conversant with the functionalities.
  • You can enhance the performance of the ship with the proper application of the abilities.
  1. Collecting free gifts

The availability of thousands of gifts in the game makes it much easier to earn the resources as well as the surprising rewards.

But to win these gifts, you have to log in regularly.

  • Check your emails, and don’t forget to complete the daily missions.
  • Make good use of the gifts. Do not waste the gains.
  • You have to continue the examination of the building. It is the front part of the castle where you can get the freebies always.
  1. Hunting for the resource

If you try to generate the resource from your base, the process will be elaborate and time-consuming. It is a better idea to go out and start hunting for supplies.

  • It will be a risky affair to attack the opposite players. But you can always do that if you want to hunt.
  • First, be sure that your building is strong enough to withstand the counter-attack.
  • Try to target the players who are new in the game. Attacking one with a strong alliance will be only calling for the doom.
  1. Intelligent utilization of talent points

You can earn the talent points when you have finished a level and completed a task. These talent points are highly beneficial.

But you have to be extra cautious about spending these points. It isn’t very easy to acquire these points, and you will need a lot of money to reset them. There are three categories in the talent points. These are the war, economy, and balance.

  • On selecting the war and balance upgrades, you will get thousands of freebies. You will also get excellent benefits during the fights.
  • Marching speed upgrade will help to approach better during the attacks.
  • Better benefits to carry the loots after winning against the enemies.
  • Enhanced offensive as well as defensive tricks.

You have to play wisely and follow our guide to make better progress in the game.

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