Hotel Empire Tycoon Tips To Boost Up Your Progress Speed


Hotel Empire Tycoon by Codigames is the popular game in which players need to build one of the best hotels to make money. There are many other things that players can do and get unlimited fun.

Before start playing the game, try to know about the basics. It is also important to complete the tutorial to get an idea about the gameplay and other aspects of the game.

Make sure you are playing the game perfectly to be a winner. Without making efforts or paying attention to in-game resources, you can’t make progress quickly.

Players can build various hotels and make money. While building up hotels, players should add new rooms, and they should also build more floors.

With the help of doing this, they can enhance their capabilities to earn money. Collecting enough money in the game can help players to level up faster and make the required upgrades in no time.

Purchase all items available in rooms

While playing the game, players have an option to unlock new rooms, and it is really an important aspect.

By unlocking the different facets of the hotel and rooms, you should add more items to them. In this situation, you should try to purchase all the available items for every room.

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With the help of this, you can increase your profits and also enhance your establishment. After buying all the available items, you can make upgrades to your rooms.

It is also one of the beneficial tips that you should take into consideration to get progress in the game. Moreover, there is a complete list from lassie game’s hotel empire tycoon cheats that you would love to know while playing and winning this game easily.

Make different upgrades

There are plenty of things that can be upgraded in the game. Well, it is important to make upgrades because it helps to maximize profits.

If you are playing this game, then you need to know how to make upgrades. First of all, try to make the important upgrades and then move toward the other types of upgrades to boost up your progress speed.

Try to prioritize your upgrades, and it is the beneficial tip that may help the beginners to reach the advanced stages of the game in no time. Upgrading the rooms is important, but there are many other upgrades that you should make.

Upgrade the parking by building other parking slots. With the help of this, more customers can come to your hotel.

When you build a room, then never forget to build up the parking slot. Try to buy the barrier gate for parking to get numerous benefits.

Keep an eye on offers

While playing the game, you will get a pop up on the top right side of the screen. Here you will get a chance to get diamonds or cash.

Tap on it when you see it to claim the rewards. This pop up is from potential investors. With the help of watching an advertisement, you can claim these rewards.

Always accept the offer to get the required amount of diamonds and other currencies. Try to progress faster because you will get this offer accordingly.

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