Kim Kardashian Hollywood Currencies Guide


Kim Kardashian Hollywood is considered as the most advanced game that comes with two different kinds of currencies cash and stars.

Therefore, if you want to rule the red carpet then try to keep the collections of both currencies full every time. It would be really valuable option for you that will give you chance to earning best outcomes.

The opportunities like in-game kkw beauty, celebs, and styles are so mesmerizing that can force you spend your money so just try to keep spend less.

Once you decide to buy the currencies then it is also possible from the in-game shop, but it will definitely ask you for the real money that you need to spend for buying the currencies online.

Now I am going to explain the use and source of earning the both currencies Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.

What is Cash?

Cash is considered as the most impressive currency of the game and it is soft currency of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It is useful for buying these things –

  • Clothing
  • Homes
  • Furniture
  • It is useful at dates
  • It will allow you to buy pets

You can easily spent by using the bus and airplane

Where You Can Get Cash?

Players can easily get the cash by spending real life money on the Starshop. Therefore, simply click on the Starshop that is available in the main menu.

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Once you visit that window then you will find various kinds of offers of the cash so simply clicking on the (+) near the cash and you will get them after spending the real currency in the game. It is the safest idea to get the cash directly into the game.

How to Earn the Cash?

If you don’t have enough amount of money to spend on the Starshop then you can also earn the currency by most common way.

Therefore, you can get the film movies, TV shows and other commercial ads that will give you chance to earning the cash.

If your ads get great rating then you will automatically receive the cash so get ready to take its advantages. Even the cash can be collected by taking the people and clicking on the pets or the husband or wife.

You may also need to lookout for the best currency earning methods on gaming websites like the “Restart Reality” which has the best possible ways mentioned. Here is a link to their post: that can guide you through all the legit ways to earn free cash or k stars in the kim kardashian hollywood game.

Stars – Hard Currency

On the other hand, if we talk about the hard currency then the name of Stars comes on apex. You can easily get this currency in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.

You can use it for buying the clothing, home, furniture, pets, and energy and also for please people in case of any miss happen for good results.

You can get the starts by spending real life money on the Starshop so simply lose your pocket or you can easily earn them by getting high rating in the big movies or you can easily develop high co-star relationships.

Complete Achievements

By completing the achievements in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, we can easily able to earn different kinds of currencies wisely.

Therefore, it becomes very easy for you to earn some extra currency. Instead of this, you can also watch the ads and videos for earning the currencies.

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