Knowing About King Of Avalon Game And Free Redeem Gift Codes

king of avalon game

In 2020, the King of Avalon, or KOA, as it is fondly known, free redeem gift codes will be more useful. However, getting these from other sources may not prove to be helpful, which is why you are recommended to follow the legit ways to earn these, instead rely on o those cheats and hack that often turns out to be unreliable.

Knowing a little bit about the popularity of this mobile game will be useful in this regard.

  • As of now, there are more than ten million downloads of this game from the play store.
  • This game currently has 501,309 user reviews!

This shows that the game is attracting more and more people every day. The reason? Well, it is all about the gift codes.

Downloading The Game

If you want to know the best way to get these free redeem gift codes, then you must first know from where you should download this game to play it safe.

The King of Avalon: Dragon War Multiplayer Strategy is a game developed by Century Game Company that can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well as other third-party websites.

However, you are recommended to download it from the Google Play Store to protect your device.

KOA Codes Available to Redeem

Currently, there are different gift codes available, and the validity of each can vary. Therefore, know about it so that you can redeem these gift codes before it expires. The valid and active codes available are:

  • KOA 7575
  • KOA 5050
  • KOA 628
  • KOA 66666666
  • KOA 88888888
  • KOA 2019

Once again, you are requested to go through the detail list of the codes so that you are well aware of the workability, authenticity as well as the validity of each before you use.

You can know more about these KOA gift codes from many different sources such as the official Facebook page of KOA, various posts of the official game forum, as well as the user-generated Reddit forum posts.

Way to Get The King of Avalon Gift Codes

There are ideally three simple ways in which you can get the King of Avalon gift codes:

  • You can get personalized KOA gift codes if you can provide the developers of this mobile game with practical solutions for fixing bugs and glitches or bad translation as and when required.
  • You can also get gift envelopes through your alliance packages. However, these packages can only be purchased Friday to Sunday, wherein you will get an item from the inventory which you can send to one of your friends or share it on social media and forums.
  • Lastly, you can also get the new King of Avalon Gift Codes from rally improvements.

The game developers have always tried to help their patrons with useful features and rewards from time to time. The latest revamp is that of the dragon to make it more powerful.

Till now, the leader dragon and talents could be influenced in the march, but after incorporating the 2.2 dragons, the pints of every lord equipment and skill that are involved in the rally will impact the overall results of the game. Happy gaming!

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