Marvel Strike Force Beginners Guide

beginners guide to marvel strike force

To Gacha fans who also love the Marvel Universe, the Marvel Strike Force is a dream come true. You can play in both PvP and PvE, and also, you can still have a lot of fun, even if you don’t want to spend real money to advance your S.T.R.I.K.E. Team.

While Marvel Strike Force functions in its heart like any other Gacha, it has a wide range of content to make you feel fresh when you first dive into it.

We also prepared a new beginner’s guide, which can be viewed here. In this article, we concentrate on the first match, what your goals should be over this time, and how important decisions can be made without later regrets.

Spending Guide for Beginners

Most of the guides are devoted exclusively to F2P games, but if you’ve chosen to spend any real money on Marvel Strike Force, you can prioritize some items over others. Take Newcomer Packs, for example.

Such bundles are only irritating pop-ups with little interest in many games, but in M.S.F. this is not so. There is no package you can use later in the game that is more valuable than these newcomer packets.

Heroes, XP chips, gold and orbs are the most advantageous of these offers. If you are lucky enough that you get a villain deal, it’s a must purchase because your primary goal is to build a team of at least three villagers for their respective campaigns.

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The daily routine for Heros

Once you start a new game, your goal should be to complete campaign missions with a 3-star rating ideally. The more content you get in the simple campaign, the more money and new heroes you receive, the more rewards you get.

Some days later, you will unlock and be ready to go in most battle modes. The goals at this stage should be as follows:

  1. In the Blitz, Arena and Raid stores there are also new heroes. Such methods of the game allow you to test your PvP skills and build up a stronger squad.
  2. Through farming campaign nodes, you can get new characters. Every day you should do that to deplete your energy reserves.
  3. Timed events give hero orbs special: some for campaign missions and others for your alliance’s successful war. Take part in it as soon as you get the chance!
  4. Because this mode gives a new hero to milestones, completing the Blitz challenges is especially important.

The Raid Store and Gear

The Raid Store has a lot of attractive deals too, but we recommend that you preference equipment over additional heroes once you have purchased hand centre and rocket. The first is a peculiar tank that places Stealth on all allies and gives them extra evasion against AoE attacks.

He is widely recognized as one of Arena Defense’s best vehicles. The second is a prominent D.P.S. character which can get you into the raids even further, mainly if Star-Lord includes in his team.

As far as gear is concerned, focus your attention on Advanced Phosphates, Basic Catalysts, Unstable Advanced Molecules in this order. You will find that some of your best heroes most often have to use these reagents, which is why most of your raid currency spent on them.

If you find that you have no money for one of the major stores, pop up our Marvel Strike Force currency guide and learn how to get more of what you need quickly.

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